My name is Jaren and firstly a warm welcome to Brain-Power Mastery.

We are a Brain Development company that combines neuroscience and engineering methods to embed Soundwave technology to aid our neuron connections for all ages, with the aim of increasing mental wellness and brain capacity to the optimum. We also specifically help improve conditions like Autism, ADHD, Sleep Disorder, Stress Management, Depression and Dementia etc.

This is in partnership with our research company Neuro Code Research Pte Ltd founder cum inventor Dr. Tang Juel Hoi exclusively. 

All our programs are conducted by Certified Neuro Specialist Trainers using Neuro Code Research's proprietary brain development pedagogy - Neuro SDESA; and Neuro Code Research's patent pending technology - Neuro Activatio Soundwave. The program also uses established psychology and neuro science techniques from leading universities and research centres.

Neuro Code Founder & Inventor of Neuro Soundwave Technology

Dr. Tang Juel Hoi

National University of Singapore - B.Eng (EE) (Hons), MSc. (EE)

Sheffield State University, USA – Doctor of Science


Chairman & CEO, Neuro Code Research Pte Ltd

Chairman & CEO, Beijing Neuro Code Technology Co., Ltd.

Vice President, Singapore Chamber Commerce & Industry


• Possesses more than 25 years of R&D experience, 15 years in Artificial Intelligence and Neural Network technologies, and 10 years in Neuro Soundwave technology.


• Lecturer, Research Scientist and Senior Management of Temasek Polytechnic, National University of Singapore and Agency of Science, Technology and Research (A*Star) Research Institute.


• Represented United Nation’s specialized agency, World Intellectual Property Organization as an International Expert Speaker in Intellectual Property Rights. Published Paper was adopted by several countries including the United States International Trade Commission in 2009, the Network of African Medical Librarians (Medlibafrica) in 2010 and The Republic of China (Taiwan) Parliament in 2013.


• Inventor of World’s First Virtual Factory, realization of concept design to 3D prototyping manufacturing from different parts of the world through Internet.


• CEO of A*Star spin-off company.


• CEO and GM of companies in SGX Main Board Listed Corporation. 

Awards, Honours and Patents of Neuro Code 

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