A Step Beyond Music Therapy (超越音乐治疗法 )

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

A Step Beyond Music Therapy

April 13, 2018/Neuro Soudwave Technology/by Neuro

In 1990, American psychologist Dr. Thomas Budzynski published a research paper where low frequency waves (0.5Hz to 30Hz) were shown to reliably affect behaviour and mental state. When brainwaves are measured on the surface of the scalp, they can be categorised based on their frequency and amplitudes. These categories correspond to specific states of excitement or cortical arousal.

In 1991, Dr. Dale Foster presented reliable data and references showing that sound waves alone are sufficient to produce EEG entrainment. When manipulating alpha EEG, Foster specifically distinguishes between the use of biofeedback and binaural beats. A significant amount of research and documentation already exists regarding binaural beats, however Foster noted that consciousness management via the use of binaural beat stimulation has only received the attention of a small minority of researchers.

A binaural beat is created by outputting two different frequencies, one into each ear. As a result, a third tone can be heard, which is based on the difference in frequency of the other two tones. For example, a 200Hz tone in one ear and a 210Hz tone in the other produces a 10Hz “beat” tone. According to Foster, this is produced by “an auditory brainstem response which originates in the superior olivary nucleus of each hemisphere. The beat results from the interaction of two afferent auditoxy impulses, originating in opposite ears, below 1000 Hz; and which differ in frequency between one and 30 Hz.” As the two waveforms flow in and out of phase within the superior olivary nuclei, the result is a different third tone.


April 23, 2018/大脑声波技术 /by Neuro

1990年美国心理学家Thomas Budzynski博士发表了一篇研究论文,其中低频率波(0.5Hz至30Hz)显示影响行为和精神状态。当在头皮表面测量脑电波时,可以根据它们的频率和振幅进行分类。这些类别对应于兴奋或皮层唤醒的特定状态。

1991年Dale Foster博士提供了可靠的数据和参考文献,显示只用声波就足以产生脑波夹带,引导脑波进入所需的频率。当操纵α脑电图时,Foster特别区分使用生物反馈和双耳节拍。双耳节拍已经存在大量的研究和文献,但是通过使用双耳节拍刺激的意识管理仅仅得到少数研究人员的关注。


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