How to instill ownership in your child?

Today, I am going to talk about a popular topic among parents on how to instill responsibility/ownership in your child?

Do you often find that your child is always waiting for you to remind and get them to complete their daily routines day in day out, what makes it worse is the fact that after a few constant reminders to literally frustration, you still can't get them to move or complete the task willingly and quickly? Some parents even resorted to changing their tones, being more firm, stern, and loud to get their attention but still it doesn't work.......

Let us share with you 3 possible solutions to the above here for your further reference,

1. Instill good habits to nurture self responsibilities

For example, a toddler starting at the age of 3 years old can already learn how to pack their own bags and put their shoes at the shoe cabinet independently. As they learn and built the foundation, you can then assign them bigger tasks like arranging their own bookshelves, toys, and even snacks corner to further instill the habits of a self-responsible child.

As you child transits into K1, it is good to even assign them duties at home for example on cleanliness, this allows them the strong sense of responsibilities given upon to mandate the hygiene and comfort of the living space, also being treated as an "adult" to spot and correct what is right & wrong, good & bad respectively.

2. Accepting the consequences and the importance of responsibilities

A lot of times when your child forgets certain things or tasks, what we usually do will be to reprimand them and move along thereafter, sub-consciously it may have triggered the thoughts of what if I did bring, etc but it does not cultivate the importance of self responsibilities, what makes it worse is that parents often time will accept the blame on your child's behalf or simply offer an escape route to the child by saying, " I don't know, usually my mummy packs for me." Sounds familiar? This is exactly the opposite of what we are trying to cultivate the importance of self-responsibility.

Letting you child go through punishment or consequences is the best and realistic way to instill responsibility both in school and at home, more often than not we will always try to shield and defend our child but remember, your form of protection now will be consequences for both of you in the foreseeable future. Let them reflect and acknowledge the importance of ownership, instilling the thoughts with lessons learned, regrets and satisfaction will go a long way in helping them mature sensibly.

3. Do not focus only on punishing consequences but also encouraging good ownership behaviors too!

Parents often underplay the significance of good behaviors and focus more on the punishment, triggered by personal emotions and stress. Unknowingly, we forgot to encourage, motivate and praise little things like " I remembered today we are having a celebration party instead so need not wear uniform but our smartest outfit!" Parents reply " Oh, good on you buddy to remember that, I almost forgot about it too, well done! "

The above sentiment will reinforce the beliefs of owning and taking responsibility for your own life in a pro-active and positive environment which differentiates from a reactive and negative vibe environment of parents nagging, shouting, and eventual punishments laid upon them.

Pro-active then equates to a strong sense of responsibility and ownership that will transform into a habitual routine moving forward. After-all for the daddies reading this, it is the same routine and self-discipline required when enlisted into the army, instilling good habits from young is the same as following a strict regime so that they are aware of the responsibilities given upon them to serve the nation.

In summary, all our students here including parents get to know and appreciate the importance of being consistent, creating a habit, and laying the foundations for their own future. No matter how great a tutor, program, or product is, ultimately we must find out the root cause of the child's issue, resolve it then relay the foundations altogether again so that we change the brain and change the results gradually.........

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