Brain Stimulation Using Neuro Soundwave (用脑声波激发大脑功能)

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Brain Stimulation using Neuro Soundwave

April 13, 2018/Neuro Soundwave Technology/by Neuro

Recently, there has been increased focus on the idea of direct rhythmical stimulation of neurons within the brain. The ability to reliably induce and control brain oscillations in a functionally meaningful way would be a breakthrough in the study and therapeutic use of brain oscillations. It is possible to perform a controlled intervention into human brain oscillations in a non-invasive manner by using low frequency waves embedded into music, thus combining the benefits of music Therapy and Brain Oscillation to provide brain stimulation with therapeutic effects. This technique developed by Neuro Code Research is termed, Neuro Soundwave Technique. In our research, we focus on one such type of intervention, the direct entrainment of brain oscillations by a specifically generated soundwave with controlled waveform, frequencies and amplitudes.

With a sound understanding of the functional aspects of the brain and the frequencies that could produce effective oscillations, we began to generate and synthesize the desired waveforms that are useful to the human brains. Research direction takes 2 different paths. The first direction is to develop an effective soundwave that could assist in human brain development – with a particular focus on enhancing attention and focus, improving memory and enhancing sensory perception of environmental scenery and objects. The second research direction is the development of effective soundwave that could induce sleepiness, relaxation and positive emotions.


April 23, 2018/大脑声波技术/by Neuro

最近,人们越来越关注采用节律性振动来激发神经元的思路。以一种有效的方式可靠地引导和控制大脑振动能力。这将是脑振动的研究和治疗应用的突破领域。通过使用嵌入到音乐中的低频波,以非侵入的方式对人类大脑振动进行可控的干预。从而结合了音乐治疗法和大脑振动的两大优点,提供具有高效率治疗效果的大脑激发方法。脑力酷研究中心将其开发的这种技术命名为脑声波技术(Neuro Soundwave)。 在我们的研究中,我们专注于一种有效的干预方法。通过专门生成的具有受控波形,频率和振幅的声波直接夹带脑波。


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