Music Therapy for Human Brain (人类大脑的音乐治疗法)

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Music Therapy for Human Brains

January 14, 2012/Neuro Soundwave Technology/by Neuro

Many different ancient cultures shared the common belief that music can have positive effects on our mental and physical health, giving rise to the idea of music therapy. The therapeutic effect of music was usually attributed to social and cultural causes, until the scientific basis for modern medicine was established around the 1900s. Since then, the concept of music therapy has progressed from having no scientific basis to serious neuroscientific research. According to researcher Jonathan Burdette, professor and vice chairman of research at Wake Forest School of Medicine, everyone’s favourite music has a similar effect on our brains, regardless of the type of music. Any genre, whether classical, pop, rock, etc. can elicit the same response. Burdette and his team used fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) to map the brain activity of 21 subjects by studying changes in blood flow. Brain scans were made while they listened to music they liked and disliked from 5 genres (classical, country, rap, rock, Chinese opera) as well as their personal favourite song.

The fMRI scans produced a consistent result where the effect on brain connectivity depended on the subject’s preference rather than the type of music they listened to. The greatest impact was on the default mode network, a brain circuit known to participate in internally focused thought, empathy and self-awareness. This circuit was poorly connected when listening to music they disliked, however the connection improved when listening to music they liked, and the best results were shown when listening to their favourites. Listening to favourite songs also improved the connectivity between the brain area specialised in hearing and brain regions responsible for memory and social emotion.


April 23, 2018/大脑声波技术/by Neuro

许多不同的古代文化都有着共同的信念,即音乐可以对我们的身心健康产生积极的影响,从而产生音乐治疗法的概念。音乐的治疗效果通常归因于社会与文化,直到20世纪左右建立起现代医学的科学基础。从那时起,音乐治疗法的概念就从没有科学依据发展到严肃的神经科学研究。 美国Wake Forest大学医学院教授兼研究副主席Jonathan Burdette认为,无论哪一类型的音乐,每个人最喜欢的音乐对我们的大脑都有类似的影响。任何类型,无论是古典,流行,摇滚等都可以引起相同的反应。 Burdette和他的团队使用fMRI(功能磁共振成像)仪器,通过研究血流量的变化来绘制21名参与者的大脑活动图。大脑扫描是听他们喜欢和不喜欢的5种流派(古典,乡村,说唱,摇滚,中国歌剧)以及他们个人喜欢的歌曲。


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