Neuro Dormio Headset (For Sleep Problems)

Neuro Dormio Headset (For Sleep Problems)

Neuro Dormio Headset


Neuro Dormio Headset is a product developed specifically for people with sleep problems. Dormio Headset can be folded, it is portable and easy to bring around. It allows users to enjoy quality sleep indoors, outdoors, on trains, buses or airplanes. There are eight Neuro Sleep Soundwaves built into Dormio Headset, each for up to 8 hours. When the user sleeps, will play music embedded with Neuro Soundwaves that slowly induce the brain to relax, gradually getting into high-quality sleep through lowfrequency oscillation of brain cells. Users can select different music genres according to personal liking or play it continuously in a loop. Keep the volume of Dormio Headset at a comfortable level in order not to affect sleep.


Neuro Soundwave technology has been researched and developed by Neuro Code since 2008. Neuro Code owns full copyrights and has filed 6 patents on the technology. Neuro Soundwave technology combines the essence of traditional music therapy, binaural beats, and brainwave entrainment techniques. It represents a breakthrough over traditional methods and has created a new way to guide human brains to attain a desired state of mind with effective results. The effect of Neuro Soundwaves is significantly better than traditional music therapy, binaural beats, or brain wave entrainment techniques. As an analogy: Music is like a cup of coffee, and Neuro Soundwaves are like fresh milk. By adding steamed fresh milk into coffee in a specific manner, we will have Latte – a special brew of delicious coffee. We have simulated desired human brain wave patterns and frequencies and embedded them into music through special methods which produce highly efficient Neuro Soundwaves. Music is used as a carrier to bring Neuro Soundwaves into human brains through our ears.


We use music to bring Neuro Soundwaves into the brain. In the process of listening to music, Neuro Soundwaves gradually guide the brain to the desired state. As the music plays, the waveform, frequency, and amplitude of Neuro Soundwaves are gradually changing and regulating the user’s brain waves, allowing the brain to relax and get into quality sleep. The volume of music will also reduce over time. After the user turns on Dormio and sets the volume, they can be assured that Dormio will automatically work in the background, leading them into a state of relaxation and high quality sleep.


Usage Environment


Neuro Soundwave uses embedded technology to embed low-frequency waves that are effective for the brain into audible music through mathematical algorithms. By listening to music, users can relieve stress and get into quality sleep. When using the Dormio Headset, users should close their eyes, relax their mind and rest quietly.


Users do not have to deliberately listen to music. Just relax and take the music as background music. Neuro Soundwaves will guide the brain into state of sleep. If you are sensitive to sound while sleeping, please turn down Dormio Headset’s volume to the minimum. Neuro Soundwaves help to solve sleep problems through physical methods. It is not invasive and does not generate dependency. If you are facing issues with jet lag while on overseas trips, Dormio Headset could solve temporary sleep problems. Dormio Headset is foldable, small size and easy to carry around.


    • Model: mini603TF
    • Colour: Black
    • Bluetooth: 4.1
    • Transmission Distance: 10m
    • Sensitivity: -80dBm
    • Channel: Stereo Sound
    • Rechargeable Battery: 250mAH
    • Weight: 50g
    • Neuro Soundwave: 8 Music with Sleep Soundwave, each music is 8 hours

    • Local Singapore 1 Year Warranty (external defects or due to wear & tear are not covered under warranty)
    • Products sold are not refundable

    We will reach out to you within 3 days for instructions on self-collection.

    Do ensure that all contact details are indicated upon checkout so that we have a coordination point to follow up.

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