"Thank you Mr Jaren for introducing this great product to my centre, after close to a month of using the kit, we notice that kids love it and calms down previously active ones that refuses to sleep in getting most of them to sleep in the afternoon. My teachers are also feeling more refresh as a result of that quality breaks to complete paperwork, personal break and lunch. Teachers themselves are feeling more energized to complete the rest of the evening session which is another win-win situation for us. We are now looking at more solutions and well being programs from Mr Jaren to continue improve the wellness of both teachers and students. Highly recommended!"


"I was introduce to Brain-Power Mastery by a friend and met Mr Jaren at my nursing home, he proceeded with a presentation of the business, programs and possible solutions altogether, What impresses me is the ability and patience he had to address all my concerns and doubts, making me a believer in the end. Mr Jaren provided us his demo product for a 2 weeks trial with no hesitation and we saw results thereafter in the temperaments and emotional management on both patients and staffs, that was amazing and we were sold. Now, we are using Dormio and Laxo at our homes with other considerations and referrals to hospice and larger homes that could benefit from it, well done!"


"We sign up for our son in January and he have difficulty focus and loses interest easily on everything academically. This is where we were introduce to Brain-Power Mastery, after a consultation and post assessment, we found out the gaps and pin-point the challenges as a tripartite approach between Mr Jaren, my son and us, as parents. The ongoing journey of seeing his improvement week by week is just amazing, Mr Jaren as a young parent himself also shared parental advice and insights  which we have adopted and the bonding with our son is a lot better than before, we are loving it and he looks forward to every lesson and imparts or gets the family involved in what he learns, that is a bonding i never expect to have upon signing up for the program, highly recommended!"

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